The Scenery of Life is Always Changing

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  -Socrates


It is interesting to observe how everything is always changing in life.  It is easy to get stuck in the story of our minds and the emotions that those thoughts can produce in our bodies.  I have found it a helpful practice to take a step back from the ever changing content and story of my life and observe how everything is always moving and changing.  It is a “natural” tendency to resist change and to hold on to how we think things should be.  However, this grasping and resistance to life causes suffering and keeps us from experience the joy of our Being.

It is good to plan and dream for the things that our hearts desire.  This is a vital component in creating the life of your dreams.  However, it is equally vital to accept whatever this present moment contains, learning to let go of resistance.  Pay attention to where life is flowing, through the power of your intuition.  Through practice you will find that you can retract from the noise of the mind and rest more fully in your true self, where creativity, intuition, and love spring forth from.  Keep dreaming from your center, your true self, while you also embrace whatever life presents.New coffee partnership

Speaking of change, Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee is paying attention to the flow of the Universe and where it is beckoning us.  One exciting change is that we will be welcoming with open arms our good friend Jerry Umscheid, as he joins our team.  He will be assisting with sales/marketing, along with a variety of creative endeavors.  He is an outgoing, social guy, who loves exploring the mysteries of life.  It will be a blast having him be part of our team!

In the last few months we have been running our coffee shop in the Waldo area in Kansas City.  It has been a season full of hard work and growth for both our business and in our personal lives.  It’s been exciting sharing our freshly roasted coffee and engaging in rich conversations with all our customers.  We would like to thank all of our customers for your business and for sharing this leg of the journey with us.  We are all in this together, and we are thankful that you have been part of our story.

As part of the changes flowing within our company,we will  be transitioning out of our Waldo coffee shop and will be opening up a coffee bar in the west bottoms for the first weekends of each month.  Our first weekend in the west bottoms will be December 5-7th.  We will be located inside Pete ‘N Repeat, or PNR, at 1323 W.13th ST in Kansas City, MO (on the second floor, directly above Hello Sailor).  This change will allow us more time and resources to focus on our roasting operation and distribute our freshly roasted coffee to more locations around the metro.  More updates will follow in the near future.  We hope to see many friendly faces down there for the first weekends in the west bottoms.

Our last day we will be open at our Waldo location will be tomorrow, November 15th.  This will give us the time to recharge for this next adventure and remodel our new space and get it ready for opening day on December 5th.  We are really excited to serve you at this new location and enter this new chapter.  We would also like to remind you that you can order all of our coffee online, as well as buy select roasts from Nature’s Own Health Food Market and Hy-vee in Mission, KS.   Thanks again for all your support and patronage.  In celebration of new fresh beginnings, we will have all of our fresh roasted coffee beans 10% off through closing on Saturday at 4:30!  


Happy Friday!


Finding Peace Through the Storm

Mountains reflection in water“Life is a mirror that will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”

-Ernest Holmes

How are you today? What is your experience of this moment? Be aware of the stories you are telling yourself and how it may be impacting your emotions, and experience of life right now. Perhaps you are deeply at peace right now. If so, notice that your thoughts also reflect this quality.   You may even find your mind to be empty and free of thoughts.

On the other hand, you may feel tense, stressed, or sad. You may have “realities” in your life situation that are challenging. The question to ask is whether you can take any action about your current situation right now, in the present moment. If so, take action. If it is not possible to change your current situation, let it go for now. Put it in a container, so to speak, and fully accept whatever this present moment contains. Accept it deeply inside yourself and let the internal resistance melt away. Accepting is not about denying your problems, it’s about living fully present.  A moment may come when you can take action.  When we resist what is happening….what is here…now, we suffer. Although challenges are part of life, by letting go, we can be free of the psychological suffering.

This is a practice that can take you far on the path of finding peace. It is something that I must keep being reminded of as well, and life keeps giving me opportunities to practice . I find as I live more present, I free up space to dream and create a life that I want.

What reality are you creating today?

Be Like the Trees

We can learn so much from nature.  In this article, we will focus on trees.  It is fascinating to me to watch the branches of a tree sway and flow in the wind without any resistance.  It’s as if they completely surrender to the energy and forces present and flow with the wind.  In a sense, they become part of the “wind dance.”  The trees watch the leaves fall without argument, without shedding a tear.  Have you ever really watched a leaf fall and seen how it offers no resistance as it falls through the air?  It is said that the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, had a spiritual awakening as he watched a leaf spinning freely as it fell, and burst out into deep laughter.  Willow tree in spring

Have you ever been around someone that is ungrounded, full of anxiety, anger, or other negative emotion?  It is as if they are completely lost in their thoughts and emotions.  Did they pull you into their vibrational field or were you able to stay firmly grounded and be the still presence within?  Observe the trees, and how they are firmly planted in the ground.  They are grounded, connected to the earth, one with  the earth, receiving all the life and nutrients they need.  It could be said that the tree IS life, one of the many beautiful expressions of the one life.  Although the branches sway and the leaves fall, the tree remains steadfast and grounded.

So too, you, are a unique expression of the one mysterious life force.  The scenery of your life is always changing, with events, thoughts, and emotions all coming and going…always coming and going.  Let your branches sway, observe the passing show, and stay grounded in that place of stillness, underneath your present life experience, where all is well.  Let the trees teach you to dance to the rhythm of life.