Steven and Shondi Webb, owners of Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee

Specialty coffee has been an interest for Steven for many years.  In the winter of 2011, he began roasting his own high quality coffee at home as a new hobby.  His wife, Shondi, was impressed by his gourmet coffee and encouraged him to enter a local home roasting competition in the summer of 2012.  Although initially hesitant to enter, Steven was elated when he heard the news that he had won the competition.  After winning, Steven decided to turn his coffee roasting hobby into a business with dreams of escaping his job in the corporate world.

Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee sources all of their unroasted coffee through an importer that purchases it directly from the farmers. This enables the farmers to receive a premium for their high quality crop as there are no “middlemen”. The unroasted coffee is then roasted to order to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible.  We are committed to finding high quality coffee, and through the art of roasting, provide an interesting and complex coffee for your home or business.